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Inroducing Miracle Herb !

The Company “SOLUTIONS” in 2021 with its brand entered the market with an objective of providing a better and healthy life style solutions to the society.

is one of our Exclusive product to counter Diabetes!

is a great tasting all natural safe & effective concentrated leaf extract that promotes stimulation to the group of cells that secrete insulin to balance blood sugar.

This herbal miracle is derived from Costus Pictus (Insulin plant or spiral ginger) a medicinal plant, which gives palliative care in controlling diabetics as a Natural herbal sugar controller without any side effects. The therapeutic properties of Costus Pictus promotes healthy blood glucose levels, cardiovascular funtions, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, weight management, energy and reduced inflammation. Costus Pictus contains high levels of flavonoids and terpenoids, antioxidants that provide protection against oxidative cell damage from harmful free radicals.

India has been always known for its rich values for medicinal herbs & spices. The Ancient medications are mostly forgotten or fabricated, leaving very less scope for natural palliative care. Hence herbal remedy for diabetics is mostly ignored by the common people.

Lets make use of this nature’s gift.

Together we can have a better Diabetic free lifestyle!!!

The Insulin plants in your language

Botanical name:
Costus Pictus
Assamese :
Jom Lakhuti
Sanskrit :
English :
Spiral Ginger
Tamil :
Gujarati :
Telugu :
Hindi :
Kebu or Kevu or Keukand
Malayalam :
Insulin Chadi
Bengali :
Marati :
Kannada :

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